About Me:

Just like many artists before me, I have been inspired and driven by art since I was a child. I have also been inspired by technology and how it and art have evolved together to help us see more of our visions come true.


My background in art with a drive to peruse it in a professional environment began in high school with my high school's 3D animation program and continued beyond into the workforce after . I have worked for several independent studios with pixel art as the focus [ check nda before listing studios ]. Currently I am freelancing as a 3D and Pixel artist.

My Mediums

I primarily create digital art via Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, ClipStudio, and Aseprite via either my Artisul D-22 or Wacom Cintiq HD13 My secondary medium for work is Visual Studio with either C# and Unity Engine or C++ and DirectX Core or Vulkan Core. I also know Python for use within the Maya or Blender environments. I have used both C# and Python independent of any host application. My least important medium is Pro Motion and NotePad++ (with compiler extensions) I use these for work on retro games for the Sega Master System/Game Gear, Sega MegaDrive/Genesis, or Nintendo Gameboy. I am familiar with z80, m68k, and 8080 assembly language.


I love bringing the past to the present/future and twisting it in ways where all the wonder and nostalgia come out and all of those less polished things from the past we often forgot frustrated us... are left behind. I am also driven to continue carrying the torch for Pixel Art as it continues to carry on over the years and decades. All of this together, I love bringing new and interesting concepts to my audience. The younger fall in love with the "low res" and "blocky" feel, quoting my style as fun and cute or simple and yet complex! The older crowd gets that much loved throwback vibe all at the same time!


I am constantly inspired by my peers as well as those I look up to and wish to work with, from the teams that brought us games like River City Girls or Shovel Knight to the friends and colleagues I work with every day. Of course I must cite some more specific references like shows and games and I can say a big inspiration for my work comes from properties like Mega Man, The Legend Of Zelda, Sym-Bionic Titan, Sonic The Hedge Hog, and OK KO. Anime all together is another inspiration, but almost strictly in average style keys that appear in the genre.